SO5032 Third Assignment

The third assignment for SO5032, Quantitative Research Methods II, consists of a mini research project, using a large scale survey data set to address a "real" research question. This counts for 60% of the assessment.

The data sets available for the exercise include all holdings of the Irish Social Science Data Archive, and any other large-scale data you can get access to.

The project requirement is that you develop a real sociological research question, that can be answered by analysis of an existing large-scale survey data set, and that you carry out and write up that analysis. Literature review is not required, though you are welcome to draw on literature to develop your question.

The learning aspect of the assignment has several levels:

There are two components necessary to hand up for assessment:

Output from Stata, in the form of tables and graphs, should be incorporated in the write-up where it contributes to the argument, while the do-file/transcript should take the form of an appendix.

Deadline: 4pm Friday 5 May 2023, via Sulis.

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