10th UL Winter School in Social Science Research Methods

January 8-19 2018

Unit B1: Correlation and Regression


Lab materials:

Assignment for unit b1

The assignment involves answering the following questions in Agresti and Finlay (4th ed)

First set (from chs 8 and 10)

  1. Ch 8 Q27
  2. Ch 8 Q28 (requires you to use Stata)
  3. Ch 10 Q29

Second set:

  1. Ch 11 Q8
  2. Ch 11 Q11
  3. Ch 11 Q12
  4. Ch 11 Q19 (requires you to use Stata)
  5. Ch 11 Q23 (requires you to use Stata)

Deadline: Provisionally March 3rd 4pm

Brendan Halpin
Department of Sociology, University of Limerick
F1-009, x 3147; brendan.halpin@ul.ie